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As the vigilant monitors of the website, we are obsessed with who is coming to our website and what they do during their visit. This project requires you to look at data

similar to that which the Web Analytics team at Zappos would use to assess the overall performance of the business. You are part of the Web Analytics team at this company and are

tasked to understand the demographics visiting the site, the customers’ activities on the site, and how well the company is performing. Based on your analysis of the data, what

recommendations do you have for Zappos?

project description:

This project will provide you with a realistic, hands-on application of how data analytics is used to assess the overall performance of a business and how new programs or marketing

can be developed to improve business performance. You will analyze the data set (posted here) using any available algorithms to discover patterns, trends, and information on customer

behavior and demographics. This information will be used to design new programs or marketing strategies for senior leaders at Zappos. You will be required to (1) show and interpret

your analysis of the data and (2) use your analysis to describe the new programs or marketing strategies you will be proposing.


The deliverables for this project are described below:

Analytic Plan: Provide a written analytical report that walks Senior Leaders through your analysis of customer behavior and the new programs/marketing strategies that you will

be proposing.

In other words, your Analytic Plan should include:

1.Documentation of data analysis and results

Provide the working process streams demonstrating how the data are used, what algorithms are used, and the ultimate output

Interpretation of all outputs and how these outputs help in your design of the new programs/marketing strategies

2.New programs/marketing strategies you are proposing

The value it will provide to the customer

How the data will be used in creating and implementing the programs/marketing strategies

How the customer will interact with the programs or benefit from the marketing strategies

How the company will benefit from the new programs or marketing strategies

Visual representations of your new programs/marketing strategies including diagrams showing process flow and/or mock-ups of interfaces

Presentation: Record a lecture to me, in a boardroom-like setting, a summary of your Analytic Plan. The presentation should include your data analysis methodologies

and findings along with your new, proposed programs/marketing strategies. The idea here is to provide an overall assessment of the business performance and convince me that your new programs/marketing strategies will work to improve the business. You are allowed a maximum of 20 minutes to make your case.

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