working on a team benefits

working on a team benefits



Project Description:
You are a recruiter for Sperry Consults and have been asked to put together a workshop on teamwork. Your presentation will be used at various events sponsored by the company. You decide to add a chart to show the results of a survey on the benefits of working on a team. You will add a SmartArt graphic to illustrate teamwork skills. Finally, you will create a table that describes the roles of team members.


Start PowerPoint. Download and open the file named Exp19_PPT_Ch03_ML1_Teamwork.pptx. Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the filename.


Insert a Clustered Bar chart on Slide 3.

Replace the spreadsheet data with the following:
Attribute % of Respondents
Ability to work in a team 82.9%
Problem-solving skills 82.9%
Communication skills (written) 80.3%
Leadership 72.6%
Strong work ethic 68.4%

Delete the data in columns C and D and resize the data area to include only data in the range A1:B6.


Make the following modifications to the chart:
• Apply the Style 3 chart style.
• Remove the legend, chart title, horizontal axis, and gridlines.
• Select the vertical axis and change the font size to 16 pt, font color to Black, Text 2, and apply Bold.
• Change the data labels font size to 16 pt.


Insert a Basic Venn SmartArt graphic from the Relationship category on Slide 4.
Type the following list items into the Text pane:


Make the following changes to the SmartArt graphic:
• Apply the SmartArt Intense Effect style.
• Change the font color text for all shapes to White, Background 1 and apply Bold.


On Slide 6, insert a three column, nine row table in the content placeholder. In the table, merge the following:
Column 1 – Merge the cells in rows 1, 2, and 3.
Column 1 – Merge the cells in rows 4, 5 and 6
Column 1 – Merge the cells in rows 7, 8, and 9


Type the following information into the table:
Row 1: Col 1: Action Oriented Roles; Col 2: Shaper; Col 3: Challenges the team to improve
Row 2: Col 2: Implementer; Col 3: Puts ideas into action
Row 3: Col 2: Completer/Finisher; Col 3: Ensures thorough, timely completion
Row 4: Col 1: People Oriented Roles; Col 2: Coordinator; Col 3: Acts as a chairperson
Row 5: Col 2: Team Worker; Col 3: Encourages cooperation
Row 6: Col 2: Resources Investigator; Col 3: Explores outside opportunities
Row 7: Col 1: Thought Oriented Roles; Col 2: Plant; Col 3: Presents new ideas and approaches
Row 8: Col 2: Monitor/Evaluator; Col 3: Analyzes the options
Row 9: Col 2: Specialist; Col 3: Provides specialized skills


Make the following changes to the table:
• Apply the No Style, Table Grid table style.
• Change the font color for the text in the table to White, Background 1.
• Center Vertically the text in the table.
• Apply Dark Blue, Accent 1 shading to the cells in Column 1.


On Slide 7 convert the list to a Grouped List SmartArt graphic.


Apply the Intense Effect SmartArt style to the SmartArt graphic on Slide 7. Select the text Stage 1: Forming, Stage 2: Storming, Stage 3: Norming, and Stage 4: Performing and change the font color to Black, Text 2 and apply Bold.


Save and close Exp19_PPT_Ch03_ML1_Teamwork.pptx. Exit PowerPoint. Submit the file as directed.

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