Wisdom literature

Wisdom literature

BIB 106 Topic 5 Discussion 1
The fear of the Lord is the major theme of the Wisdom literature. How do the Wisdom books describe the fear of the Lord (give an example and verses from Job, Proverbs, or Ecclesiastes)? Give a concrete example in the church or in your life where the fear of the Lord is evident and impacts others. Alternatively, give an instance where the fear of the Lord is absent, and its effects.

BIB 106 Topic 5 Discussion 2
How are David and Saul compared and contrasted? Give specific examples found within 1 Samuel 9-31.


BIB 106 Topic 5 Review

Utilize the content from the textbook in order to answer the questions in this review. Specific directions for completion are provided in “Topic 5 Review.”

This review, and others you will complete throughout the course, will provide you with key points you need to master this content and pass this course. Please refer back to each review as needed to refresh your understanding and as a tool to assist you in the course assessments.

GCU style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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