What is Bulimia Nervosa?


Bulimia nervosa is a potentially fatal eating disorder. Because of the stigma attached to this disease, those who suffer from it tend to keep it hidden. Patients suffering from bulimia lack control over their eating habits and may overeat. As a result, they may resort to unconventional weight-loss methods, such as vomiting inducers and weight-loss supplements. Two cohorts of eating disorder patients were followed for five years to investigate the effects of this condition. Individuals with binge eating disorders recovered faster than those with bulimia, according to Fairburn, Cooper, Doll, Norman, and O’Connor (2000). Despite the fact that bulimia nervosa disorder is treatable, most people are reluctant to seek medical help because of the stigma associated with the disorder; however, professional intervention may mitigate the negative effects of this disorder.

Individuals suffering from the condition have little control over their food intake. A bulimic, for example, can eat an entire cake and a gallon of ice all at once, whereas a normal person would only eat one or two cake slices and a bowl of ice cream (Fairburn et al., 2000). As a result, it is clear that bulimia has more severe consequences than binge eating disorder. As a result, it is obvious that bulimics may overeat in comparison to healthy people.


A doctor will conduct a series of medical tests, including urine and blood tests, a physical exam, and, most importantly, a psychological evaluation to determine the patient’s body image in relation to food, to diagnose bulimia nervosa. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) may also be used by the doctor (Harvard Medical School, 2009). A medical examination is thus effective for initial diagnosis, whereas the DSM-5 analyzes mental disorders using standard criteria.

Bulimia is diagnosed using several criteria. Firstly…

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