Tucson International Airport


According to the 2015 report Tucson International Airport Area (TIAA) Overview, Tucson International Airport (TIA) is a civil-military facility jointly run by Tucson City and Pima County in Arizona. It is Arizona’s second-busiest airport in terms of operations and scheduling, only behind Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The airport’s primary clients from 2011 to 2015 were travelers (Tucson International Airport Area (TIAA) Overview, 2015). Tucson International has been given a long-term lease program for managing and operating the airport by the Tucson Airport Authority. Moreover, the FW (Fighter Wing) and AETC are housed at the Tucson Air National Guard facility, which is situated at the TIA (Air Education and Training Command). Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, SkyWest Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta Airlines are just a few of the airlines that use TIA as a regional airport (Tucson International Airport Area (TIAA) Overview, 2015). Together with advancing the interests of the area, countries, and the city of Tucson, the airport acts as a crucial conduit between Arizonans and the rest of the globe.
The operation of Tucson International Airport greatly impacts the region’s economy. For instance, the airport is projected to serve 3.6 million visitors annually (Tucson International Airport Area (TIAA) Overview, 2015). The airport is anticipated to have a $3.2 billion economic impact on the area. The airport offers immediate advantages in addition to a large increase in employment across the nation and region. In addition, the airport is open round-the-clock, every day of the week, to meet the needs of all travelers (Tucson International Airport Area (TIAA) Overview, 2015).
The Tucson International Airport is the city’s entryway and a crucial economic link for Tucson, the region, and the nation. Besides…

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