This is a paper (course project) for the material physics

This is a paper (course project) for the material physics class. For 5-10 pages. Topic for the project: “Titanium materials applications” This project needs assistance. These topics are from the book Titanium and Titanium Alloys edited by C. Leyens & M. Peters (this book can be downloaded as an online PDF). Page 333: 13 Titanium Alloys for Aerospace Applications Aerospace 334: 13.2 Titanium Alloys 13.2.1 Airframe 33513.2.2 Gas Turbine Engines 339 13.2.3 Helicopters 346 13.3 Space Applications 347 15 Non-Aerospace Applications of Titanium and Titanium Alloys 393. 15.2 Chemical, Process and Power Generation Industries 393 15.2.1 Heat exchangers and condensers 394 15.2.4 Petrochemical Refineries 397 15.3 Marine and Offshore Applications 399 15.4 Automotive Industry 401 15.7 Medical Applications 41215.8 Dental Implants 416 15.11 Optical Industry 41915.12 Information Technology 420 15.13 Safety and Security Policy 420

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