The segmentation analysis identifies four key behaviourally-based segments and raises


Segmentation analysis identifies four behaviour-based segments. It also raises the possibility that intervention strategies could be usefully added to those already in place.

It also shows the potential for more partnership collaboration to reach those in each segment that exhibit sub-optimal sun protective behaviours.

1.How closely do their aims, and objectives, overlap with each other and the partnership?

2. What specific involvement do they have/want them to have?

3. Level of accountability within the organisation

4. Support senior management within the organisation

5. What data/information can they provide?

6. What resources can they provide?

7. Are there ethical concerns?

7. Are there ethical issues?

8. How successful was your previous activity with the partner?

What problems were encountered?

These problems are likely to occur again.

How important is this for the future success and viability of the partnership?

11. How can problems be solved?

12. How can success be measured?

13. How flexible and adaptable can they be in the face of unexpected problems?

14. What contingency plans should you have in the event of a problem?


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