The implementation phase

The implementation phase

The implementation phase is where you install the Database Management System (DBMS) on the required hardware, optimize the database to run best on that hardware and software platform, and create the database and load the data. The initial data could be either new data or existing data imported from your SQL scripts. You also establish database objects this week and give the users that you’ve identified access applicable to the database requirements.

Keep in mind that you are going to present your DBMS at the final project presentation day.

The following are steps for the implementation assignment:

  1. Install the DBMS.
  2. Tune the setup variables according to the hardware, software and usage conditions.
  3. Create the database and the tables. (Every table must have a primary key, which uniquely identifies rows in the table and validation rule).
  4. Establish relationships between tables.
  5. Load the data into the tables.
  6. Create at least three forms (splash screen and Main switchboard are optional).
  7. Create at least four transaction requirement Queries. (from week 5).
  8. Create data views and reports.

If it is necessary for your DBMS, all transactions can be handled by SQL scripts. Submit a document report essay with screenshots and any additional files. Format your write-up in an APA-style essay an include APA-style references (if applicable). You do not need to include a title page for this assignment. Grammar, spelling, and quality will influence your grade.

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