Tap Water

Tap Water

Where Does Your Tap Water Come from?

We will explore the various drinking water sources we depend upon, as well as consider possible threats to the long-term availability and quality of our drinking water. As the recent lead contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan revealed, safe drinking water is not something we can take for granted. In order to answer some of these questions, you may want to locate credible online sources of information; it may also be helpful to contact your local water company.

Question 1 is answered

Where does your tap water come from? Tap water in Florida comes from underground aquifers, also known as groundwater. Florida’s water source is naturally stored deep underground, in between layers of rock and sediment, like clay. The water is replenished whenever rain penetrates the ground and slowly filters down through the layers. Did you already know the answer to that question, or did you have to research it? No, I didn’t know. Yes it had to be researched.
What processes, if any, does your tap water have to go through from the source to your home? For instance, the water might be filtered or treated for possible bacteria.
What are some possible threats, short-term and long-term, to your tap water supply?
What might be done, or is being done, to address those threats?
What are some things we can do, individually, to help safeguard our tap water supplies for future generations?
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