Surppoting school goals as leader

Surppoting school goals as leader


As a leader within the school, you are often asked to organize a committee to support your school’s goals. Your principal has asked you to set up a committee consisting of teachers, parents, and community business partners. The committee will evaluate your school’s prior year’s budget plan and make the necessary budget cuts to meet the future cutbacks requested by the district school board and superintendent for the future school year.


Open the Budget Worksheet.
Review the funds listed. The school board and superintendent have indicated the funds listed are the only ones that may be cut for the future school year.
Do your research now so that you can explain each fund to the committee and which school services and stakeholders are being affected by the listed fund areas if there is a major cut to this fund area.
The school board and superintendent requested your school’s budget be reduced by $14,000.00 for the future school year. You and your committee will review each fund listed in the worksheet, then make the $14,000.00 cut, then indicate the new adjusted proposed budget in column D in the budget worksheet.
In addition to the budget worksheet, you will create a 3- to 5-page executive summary for the school board and superintendent. The executive summary will include the following headers and content:
Introduction: Explain the committee’s goal.
Committee: As the leader, you will need to select from your school, parents, and community business leaders for those members who will work on your school’s committee. List the members of the team you think a leader would and include the following information:
School association (parent, teacher, or community business partner)
Diversity (information about the diversity of your committee)
Demographics (explain how your committee is representing the actual demographics of your school’s community)
Strategic Approach: What strategy did you, the leader, of this committee use to move the committee through the process for fund reduction? Include the following:
The definition of each fund related to your school.
The process used for identifying each fund area suggested for reduction.
Objections and feedback from the committee.
The final selection process used to identify the final proposed funds for reduction.
Justify each fund selected by your committee for reduction. In your justification, include the following:
Why did the committee select this fund?
What was the tally of votes for/against this fund reduction?
What were the concerns within the committee for this proposed fund reduction?
Who or what services will be affected by this fund reduction?
What alternative funding sources have been researched to replace this fund reduction?
How will this fund reduction be announced to the stakeholders?
Provide a timeline with the following key dates:
Committee meeting schedule.
Fund selection milestones.
Final vote for selected fund reductions.
Executive summary and budget submission.
Stakeholder’s notified and public announcement.
Implementation date for new budget.
Committee future meeting schedule to research and locate alternative funding sources.
References, resources, and cited references.

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