statistical analysis

statistical analysis

This week’s content focused on topics related to statistical analysis. Basic terms related to statistics, and information pertaining to different processes (e.g. mathematical equations, software) for data analysis were presented. In addition, phase 3 of the case study was presented. For assignment #2 you will use Excel to analyze a dataset. To help you prepare for this assignment, complete the following activities:

1. Perform a brief self-assessment regarding your knowledge, comfort level, and experience with using Excel to complete statistical analysis. Based on your assessment findings, identify your areas of greatest weakness.

2. Access the excel tutorials found within “24/7 Technology Training” (web based software). You can access this via myChatham, under the “Tools” page. Click on the 24/7 Technology Training box. Then, select the search option. Use a variety of search terms (e.g., Excel; Excel and Statistical Analysis) to explore available tutorials. Select at least 3 tutorials to view / complete related to your identified weaknesses.

3. Based on the three tutorials you reviewed create a tip sheet to share with your peers. The tip sheet should contain the following items: 1) Title of the tutorial, 2) Main learning objective(s) of the tutorial, 3) Key take away points.

4. Provide a brief summary of your self-assessment (3 – 4 sentences) and the tip sheet (attached as a word document) for your main discussion posting. Remember to download and save peers’ tip sheets for your use in NUR 704 (project design) and NUR 799 (project evaluation) or MSN Practicum or Capstone courses.


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