social determinants of health

social determinants of health

CSLO 1: Identify and describe the social determinants of health and their role in facilitating health disparities in the United States.
CSLO 3: Recognize key risk factors for critical health conditions experienced by various populations and social identities in the United States.
CSLO 4: Differentiate the leading causes of death for various populations and social identities in the United States.
CSLO 5: Analyze how gender intersects with race, ethnicity, culture, sexuality, socioeconomic status and other social identities to influence health in the United States.
CSLO 6: Assess the effect of healthcare inequity and inequality in rural, tribal, and urban communities in the United States.

Unit 3 AS: Chapter 5 Case Study

The purpose of this assignment is to stimulate critical thinking on the diverse health practices and beliefs of various cultural groups in the United States. Read the case study provided at the end of Chapter 5. Based on what you read, answer the following questions:

What are the various ways in which religion can affect the understanding of illness?
How did the Cohens’ Hasidic belief system affect Judy’s treatment?
What are some of the main tenets of Hasidic Judaism?
Do you believe that the Cohens should have been required to have genetic testing done?
Do you think the Cohens mishandled Judy’s illness?

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