Selling A Product

Selling A Product

Module Assignment

For this assignment, you will be discussing customer value and what can influence it.

· Start by identifying an existing product or service. Who sells it? What does it currently offer to consumers? How much does it cost? Where can I buy it? When was it first offered?

· Next, based on the readings and outside research, discuss whether or not this product offers sufficient value to customers. Are customers willing to spend their money on this product and does this product return the value that they expect?

· Finally, describe how the company might increase the value of this product. Provide at least three strategies with your rationale explaining what should be done, how it will improve value, and why it is worth it for the company to invest in improving customer value.

Your paper must include:

· A title page and reference page formatted according to APA

· At least two citations per page.

· A minimum of three outside references

· A minimum of three pages of content formatted according to APA.


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