self-efficacy self-assessment

self-efficacy self-assessment

Question 1: Evaluate the results of your self-efficacy self-assessment. How do your results relate to the interpersonal strengths and weaknesses you have observed in yourself previously?

Question 2: Which elements of Chapter 5 Taking Responsibility for Our Feelings, did you find most useful in relation to caring self-management? Please cite the specific passages and give examples of how you might use this information in everyday life.

Question 3: Develop a plan to implement one of the practices for the remainder of the course. You will repeat your self-assessments at the end, and write an essay on your experience in the last lesson. Share your plan here.

word count 150-250



Rosenberg, Marshall B. (2015) Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life. Encinitas: Puddle Dancer Press.


Chapter 5 Taking Responsibility for Our Feelings

Chapter 6 Requesting That Which Would Enrich Life

Chapter 7 Receiving Empathically

the bottom 2 links are for questions 1 and 3.

Test how self-compassionate you are


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