rubrics to communicate learning targets in your classroom

rubrics to communicate learning targets in your classroom

Unit 5 Questions:

How might you use rubrics to communicate learning targets in your classroom?
Review the following articles:
Bo, Z., & Misiak, J. (2015). Evaluating three grading methods in middle school science classrooms. Journal of Baltic Science Education, 14(2), 207–215. Retrieved from

Peeters, M. J., Sahloff, E. G., & Stone, G. E. (2010). A standardized rubric to evaluate student presentations. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 74(9), 1–8. Retrieved from

After reading the articles, answer the following question:

In the article “A Standardized Rubric to Evaluate Student Presentations,” on pages 3 and 4 the authors present a grading rubric for a capstone assessment in pharmacy education. In the article “Evaluating Three Grading Methods in Middle School Science Classrooms,” on page 211 in Table 2 the author presents as an exemplar the rubric from the study used to grade student responses on Knowledge Integration. One is clearly an analytic rubric, and one is clearly a holistic rubric. Which of these rubrics would you prefer to use for an assignment in your class and why? What weakness do you see in the rubric you do not prefer to use?

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