Risk Assessment Plan

Risk Assessment Plan

In this assignment you will be creating and completing an information security risk assessment for a business of your choice. This business can be real or fictitious. It can be a business that you currently work in or have worked for in the past. It can also be a business that you are considering starting in the future. You should select an organization that you are comfortable and interested in, because you will be using this organization in future assignments throughout this course.

Create a paper that includes a completed risk assessment tool for the organization of your choice. Include in your paper a brief description of the organization (A managed service provider in the IT industry, providing IT and security services to customers/clients ranging from healthcare organizations, law firms, and manufacturing plants) including its industry, operations and customer/clients. Use any risk assessment tool or template that you are comfortable with, or select one of those available from the resources below. This risk assessment will be the baseline from which you will create and implement policy in future assignments.


IT Risk Assessment



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