The Burden of Racial Discrimination on Asian-American Men

More often than not, racial discrimination is used to uphold White supremacy. Perpetuating long-held preconceptions keeps them at the top of the heap among other races. When the controlled race and the media perpetuating stereotypes are present together, this works more effectively (Chin and Chan 65).

Asian-American males’ perception of their masculinity is still impacted by racism. For instance, William Hung is an Asian-American engineering student who is dealing with racism in his music career. It is clear from the online fan outcry that Asian-American actors find Hung to be racist. Guillermo emphasizes in his essay that people are oblivious of racism until it has already ingrained itself into their lives to the point that it has become a part of their culture and very existence (Guillermo 1).

Sharp teeth, tiny eyes, accents, and height are among the most prevalent misconceptions of Asian Americans in the US. William Hung undoubtedly stands for the status quo in the ongoing practice of racism. Guillermo claims that Hung competed on American Idol and rose to fame mostly because he resembled the stereotype of an Asian-American held by many Americans. Concerning this, Kathie Lee Gifford, an image consultant and expert makes fun of Hung and remarks that if his teeth were corrected, his career would be over. Therefore, despite the protests of his Asian-American peers, Hung is compelled by those conditions to keep spreading the prejudices.

Additionally, according to Alan Grunblatt, executive vice president and general manager of Koch Records, Hung’s accent makes his songs amusing and draws a large audience. This demonstrates unequivocally that Hung employs the stereotypical accent to make his music more relatable and endearing, even though Americans despise and think nothing of him.

Asian-American performers are upset because the stereotype will spread if Hung becomes well-known for playing an archetypal Asian male. The burden of racism in this situation is that Asian Americans must combat the stereotypes that a racist America has created about them. Therefore, they contend that fame shouldn’t be determined by appearance or accent because doing so would only serve to reinforce negative stereotypes.

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