Project Content Expert

Project Content Expert

Prior to the first Direct Practice Improvement (DPI) course, it is the learner’s responsibility to identify a Content Expert who will work alongside the DPI faculty chairperson as the two members of the learner’s DPI Project Committee. The learner and the committee members will work collaboratively to support scholarly progression

This individual may have served previously as the learner’s mentor. The Content Expert will work closely with the learner on the entire scope of project-based deliverables throughout DNP-955, DNP-960, and DNP-965 along with any necessary extension courses. In order to avoid delay in commencing work on the DPI Project, please identify your Content Expert and complete the required documentation as early as possible. Please refer to the Graduate Field Experience Manual for more information about Content Expert selection and qualifications.



1.Submit your proposed Content Expert’s name and relevant qualifications to the GCU Office of Field Experience (OFE) counselor for Department approval.

2.Submit your proposed Content Expert’s name and relevant qualifications to your DNP chairperson.

3.Do not initiate new work on course assignments until you have sent your DNP chairperson the Content Expert information. This can be in the form of a curriculum vitae (CV).

4.Do work to complete and incorporate all prior course/programmatic feedback into existing project-based content

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