Complex Projects: Successes and Failures

In this course, you will conduct a scholarly literature review to be posted in discussions in the first four units.

This week, explore scholarly literature on critical success factors and project management success. Specially, focus on complex projects and their success or failures, which may include tools, templates, processes, procedures, and metrics, and their relationship to the five process groups: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing.

Post the critical review of one scholarly article covering best practices (procedures, tools, templates, and metrics) that you found for executing or monitoring and controlling process groups.

What goes in a literature review?

How does the study address your topic?
A description of the research methodology used.
A description of the sampling strategy and the reasoning and logic for selecting the elements of the research design.
A summary of the significant results, conclusions, and implications for your research question or topic.
Your critique of the assumptions and limitations of the study.
If some of the above elements are not present in the study, then state that to show that these were investigated.

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