professional paper

professional paper

For this assignment, you write a 500 word professional paper on any topic of your choice. You can reach out to LPC for support (by appointment only).


You will do the following:


· Add a document title, center it.

· Add header with author’s last name and plain page number, align right

· Indent first line of paragraphs 0.5″

· Insert two footnotes, typing footnote text

· Modify style of all footnotes, font size 11 pt, indent, double spacing

· Add citations for two books, add a page number to each citation; add a citation for a website

· Add and center Works Cited title

· Insert and format a Bibliography, double spaced, 0 pt spacing after paragraph, hanging indent

· Correct spelling of author in citation and in bibliography


See the files in word 3 ppt file for help.

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