Organizational Vision and Culture at Apple, Inc.: From Steve Jobs to Tim Cook

One of the businesses that have had leadership changes in the last ten years is Apple. Since Apple Inc.’s founding, Steve Jobs has guided the business to success, as seen by its yearly sales, earnings, and numerous advancements. Tim Cook, who had been the company’s senior and executive vice president for a while, was chosen as the next CEO following Steve Jobs’ passing in 2011. A novel organizational vision was launched due to the management transition, and it substantially influenced Apple’s organizational policies and culture. Tim Cook’s corporate vision was to improve existing products and foster employee collaboration, as opposed to Steve Jobs’ organizational goal of developing more new services and products.

Collaboration among all employees is one of Tim Cook’s techniques for realizing the company’s mission. Tim Cook stated in a previous interview that his strategy was focused on productive collaboration, which would be promoted in his capacity as the company’s CEO (Yarow, 2013). According to him, the strategy would improve the corporation’s quality because employees would share and pick up expertise among themselves (Yarow, 2013). Cook created this strategic plan using a business analysis technique, which revealed holes in the previous organizational strategy (Yarow, 2013). Additionally, the CEO undertook a capacity study to connect his staff with the new vision and identify operational shortcomings among personnel that existed in the prior organizational strategy.

Tim Cook, for instance, drew attention to the scant collaboration between employees in various industries (Yarow, 2013). He primarily considered two concerns when drafting the new strategic plan: “What traits do you search for in terms of what you think would promote effective collaboration?” what part does the CEO play in encouraging that kind of cooperation? (Yarow, 2013, para. 7). Today, the way the company’s personnel carry out their duties reflects Cook’s philosophy…

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