Leadership Skills and Organizational Management: Keller and Brodsky


The management of an organization is crucial to achieving outstanding performance. It aids in assessing and establishing mutual goals that align with organizational objectives. In addition, pertinent leadership skills are essential for effective management. Therefore, this article examines the management issues that arose between Keller and Brodsky, both of whom were senior managers at the Konigsbrau Company in Ukraine.

Evaluation of Brodsky’s Performance

Brodsky’s performance fell short of expectations. Keller’s assertion that it took Brodsky so long to complete his duties and meet deadlines was, according to my analysis, the most significant flaw. For example, despite Keller’s efforts to expedite the process, it took him half a year to complete his assignments. Keller also recognized that Brodsky’s remote management style impacted his capacity as a business executive. Such management diminished Brodsky’s leadership ability (Gabarro, 2008).
Keller also perceived that Brodsky’s leadership ability was diminished by his inability to connect with people on a personal level. Keller had a strong case for why Brodsky was not a suitable candidate for this company. While he may lead an institution effectively, his management style was never a good fit for this company (Gabarro, 2008). As a result, I concur with most of Keller’s apprehensions, as his methodology directly affected his rapport with his coworkers, juniors, and merchants.

The Effectiveness of Keller as Brodsky’s Coach

For example, when Brodsky misses a deadline, Keller uses critics instead of meeting privately to discuss the matter. In addition, a good mentor monitors the mentee’s progress closely and provides constructive criticism. But not so with Keller; he became less concerned with shaping Keller’s management styles as he became increasingly focused on achievement alone (Gabarro, 2008)…

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