Organizational Leadership Challenges: CH2M Hill Case Study


The CH2M HILL case is an example of the difficulties faced by a company with a distinguished past in the engineering, service, and consulting industries. As a result, the study identifies the primary issues as extraordinarily high voluntary turnover and a shortage of eligible candidates for open positions at the highest levels (Newman, 2013). The voluntary job loss took center stage in CH2M HILL’s operations and jeopardized the business’s survival. The second issue was the internal staff’s lack of abilities and competency to fill top roles, which called for long-term remedies. The case showed that certain senior jobs stayed unfilled for as long as 25 months since no qualified individuals could be discovered within the internal ranks. Because the two issues were seriously impeding the company’s operations, a remedy needed to be found (Newman, 2013). Even though the company saw itself as a career employer, in 2012, less than 25% of the senior management had received internal promotions. Walstrom was hired to boost employee retention rates and restructure the systems and processes for career development. As a result, Walstrom had to decide what the best course of action was for tackling the problems both now and in the future.

The Organizational Leadership Challenges CH2M HILL is Facing

Founded in 1946 by an engineering professor from Oregon State University and three of his former students, CH2M HILL has been in business ever since. In reality, the company would go on to command a global influence in the disciplines of engineering, consulting, and construction. Through business acquisitions and operation expansion, the corporation saw consistent growth. In actuality, CH2M HILL maintained a culture of keeping workers on board as long as they were enthusiastic and productive for the business. Instead of hiring new talent from outside, junior employees would be scrutinized to take over top managerial jobs…

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