MLA Overview

MLA Overview

Please read the following carefully before beginning:

Review Chapter 1 in the MLA Handbook to understand works cited page format.
Review the past modules, specifically the MLA Overview, videos, and assigned MLA Handbook (9th edition) pages.
Use (Style Center section)Links to an external site. for an additional resource. There are sample papers with proper formatting hereLinks to an external site..
Follow this document carefully (key to your success): MLA Handbook Key Pages and Information
Create a works cited page for the following sources:

The Chopin short story, found in the assigned textbook.
The Garcia Marquez short story, found in the assigned textbook. (Hint: Was it written in English? No? Who else needs to be included in the citation then as a key contributor?)
The Vonnegut short story, found on Canvas. (Hint: There are two different containers for this citation since it’s not in your textbook.)
This source (you may have to log in to CougarWeb to access it): to an external site. (you have free access through the college library)
While these sources are numbered above, do not number them on your works cited page–follow the MLA Handbook Ch. 1 directions for proper organization and format.

MLA is nit-picky. Treat it like science and math where decimal points matter and format needs to be precise. And, pay attention to all of the special pages noted on the Key Pages and Information document above. This is where points will be gained and lost.


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