Leader Interview Presentation

Leader Interview Presentation

The textbook and articles we’ve read during OLCU 600 have done an excellent job of describing theoretical approaches to leadership, but there can be a gap between theory and the actual practice of leadership. The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to examine leadership in the real world by interviewing a leader who exemplifies outstanding leadership, and compare real-world practices to the theoretical concepts. Your selected leader may by a personal or professional contact who has a formal leadership position or leads informally without position power.

Interview Questions

The interview will consist of the 4 Interview questions listed below; take notes but do not record the interview.

How do you define leadership, and what makes one an effective leader?
Do you make a distinction between management and leadership? If so, what is it?
What do you think is the role of the follower?
What are the significant challenges facing leaders of the future?

The report should not exceed 8 Powerpoint, Prezi or PowToon slides and include the following components:

Introduce the leader (name optional) briefly describing his or her role and responsibilities
Summarize the responses to the interview questions linking to course concepts when possible
Conclude by identifying 2 – 3 insights gained or lessons learned about leadership.
Title and References pages do not count toward 8-slide limit

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