juvenile development scientific evidence

juvenile development scientific evidence

review page 5-7 (Evan Miller’s Background) and pages 12-19 (Scientific Evidence around juvenile development) which were at the center of the Supreme Court decision in Miller v. Alabama (2012).

Note: The petitioner’s brief which includes this information can be found here: evan-miller-us-petr-brief-merits.pdfYou may also find useful information about Miller and his crime, on page 3 as well as in this week’s video.

Based on this information and what you’ve learned from this week’s material, consider which factors could have been used in mitigation to reduce Miller’s sentence, as well as what sentencing recommendations could have been made in the case, alternative to lifelong imprisonment. In your post, discuss:

1) Of the wealth of evidence presented in the brief, which is particularly salient for Mr. Miller? Which is most important in determining his sentence and potential for rehabilitation?

2) Given the opportunity, what might have been your sentencing recommendations for Mr. Miller? Are there any specialized settings or intervention options you would have recommended for him?

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