iShirt social media marketing plan

iShirt social media marketing plan


As we near the final stages of the iShirt social media marketing plan, Cherie would like to see how you plan to measure the success of your social media efforts. Please be aware of the different qualitative and quantitative metrics that can help you improve the tactics and pivot as needed.


Phase Five of the social media marketing plan (SMMP) is focused on tracking key analytics for the iShirt campaign. This includes:

• Metrics to track – Identify metrics that Apple should track during and after the iShirt campaign for each social media platform. Cover how these metrics support the campaign goals, which you determined at the beginning of the SMMP. Please recommend the best method to collect the data for analysis. Please refer to Chapter 13 in the textbook.

***** This Phase 5 submission will become part of your final project ***** Here are the requirements for the Phase 5 part of your final plan:

• Using the Phase Five Worksheet provided in the assignment, create a one page paper describing the Phase 5 part of your final plan (plus separate Reference page).

• Include at least 2 separate credible resources to back up the details of your plan.

• This is a business course so spelling, grammar & professional business writing

format count.

• Refer to the final Social Media Marketing Plan for assignment details and grading


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