Introduction to Data Mining

Introduction to Data Mining

Authors: Pang-Ning Tan, Michael Steinbach, Anuj Karpatne, Vipin Kumar

Publisher: Addison-Wesley

Select one key concept that we’ve learned in the course (From Chapter 1 to 5 & Not entire curriculum) to date and answer the following, few to highlight are:

Data and Classification – data algorithms

Classification and Alternative Techniques – attribute, discrete and continuous data, concepts of data classification, decision tree and decision tree modifier, hyper-parameter, pitfalls of model selection and evaluation, various types of classifiers

Association Analysis – association rule in data mining

Questions to elaborate are as below:

– Define the concept.

– Note its importance to data science.

– Discuss corresponding concepts that are of importance to the selected concept.

– Note a project where this concept would be used.

Looking for 4+ pages (Excluding title, intro or reference pages) of contents in response and minimum 3 APA references.

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