Introduction to business and society

Introduction to business and society

York University

Length: Double spaced, between 750 and 1000 words (including references)

DO NOT simply answer the questions in the order that they appear in the topic. The order of presentation is something you need to think deeply about: you need to think about what it is that you want to say and the order that it would be best to say it in to show how well you understand the concepts, issues and arguments under consideration.

Include a properly formatted bibliography at the end of your essay. Your essay must start with a comprehensive introduction which includes: i. The position the author takes on the key question; ii. Your thesis; and iii. An explanation of how your essay will be organized. Your essay must have a clear paragraph structure, each starting with a clear topic sentence.

Books that can help

Business and Society. A Critical Introduction. (Birch Kean Ed)

Foundations: Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing.

Essay Topics (choose 1 topic):

1. Provide in your own words the meaning of the concept “society”. Sociologists have identified several characteristics of traditional, modern and postmodern societies. Explain the differences among those three and provide for each type of society at least:

a. two characteristics in the area of economics and demography;

b. two characteristics in the area of social organization;

c. two characteristics in the area of culture, attitudes, and beliefs.

2. Compare the commercialization thesis, the historical materialist thesis and the Protestant ethic thesis about on the origin of capitalism. Develop your answer by drawing upon their different understandings of feudalism, the enclosures, and markets.

3. Explain the main differences between mainstream economics and heterodox economics. This explanation must include at least a description of the meaning of “homo economicus” and a description of two heterodox perspectives among those presented during the lectures (Marxist, Institutionalist, and Anarchist).

4. Explain what makes corporations different from individual-owned businesses and provide a summary of the internal and external dimensions of corporate power.

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