information gathering

information gathering

Your client, Zuwena Translations, is a brand-new company offering translation services for English, Spanish, French, German, Swahili, Arabic, Mandarin, and Hindi. Co-owners Jess Marsfield and Oxford Lee Jin plan to have an office in Global Springfield with workstations for their translators and sales personnel, and they also need to set up a website to direct customers to their services. One of your tasks is to figure out how to gather requirements for their system, and you decide to approach this with a memo to your tech team.


choose two methods of information gathering from the list below that might be helpful with the given scenario. You may also research online for additional details, but it is not required.

Listening to Stories
Analyzing Quantitative Documents
Analyzing Qualitative Documents
Observing a Decision Maker’s Behavior
Observing the Physical Environment
Your initial post is a memo to your tech team. In your memo:

In 100 words explain to your team the pros and cons of your two chosen information gathering methods and how you intend to implement them. Make sure you provide some context so the team understands the scenario (without copying from above). If you use any sources other than the textbook, simply provide the URL at the bottom of the memo.
Kendall, K. E., & Kendall, J. E. (2019). Systems Analysis and Design (10th ed.). Prentice-Hall.

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