industry structure of the airline industry

industry structure of the airline industry

Part 1: Industry analysis

Part 1 of the assignment looks at the industry structure of the airline industry, and assesses the profit potential of the industry, both now and in the future. The specific questions you need to address in this part of the assignment include:

– What does the industry structure look like?

– What are the strategic groups in the industry?

– Given this, what is the overall attractiveness of the overall industry and each of the strategic groups you identified?

– What are the driving forces acting to change the industry? (I.e., macro-environmental analysis)

– How are those changes likely to affect the industry and the different strategic groups in the industry?

– If the driving forces play out as you anticipate, how will that affect the attractiveness of the industry and its constituent strategic groups?


– Not more than 2500 words

– References should be the latest (year 2007 and onwards)

– Use the American Psychological Association (APA) or Harvard format

– Plagiarism is not acceptable

* Writing format

– introduction

– content

– conclusion

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