ICS-Networks-and-Protocols Article

ICS-Networks-and-Protocols Article

Read the following article Siddiqi, A., Tippenhauer, N. O., Mashima, D., & Chen, B. (2018, May). On practical threat scenario testing in an electric power ICS testbed. In Proceedings of the 4th ACM Workshop on Cyber-Physical System Security (pp. 15-21).

ICS-Networks-and-Protocols Article Download ICS-Networks-and-Protocols Article

Answer the following in three (3) pages:

This paper discusses the details regarding the devices and protocols involved in operations of the EPIC testbed at SUTD. In
particular, the authors argue that the actual complexity of protocols and services required to operate real-world ICS are often overlooked
in related work. Do you agree or disagree?

At a minimum, you must support your position with three (3) additional peer review articles.

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