human behavior perspective

human behavior perspective


The final project for this course is the creation of a case study analysis from a human behavior perspective. You will use the Final Project Assignment template for this assignment.

The final project is comprised of all the critical elements from Milestones One through Three. The highest rating for all the critical elements in the milestone assignments is proficient. In the final project, the same critical elements have the highest rating of exemplary. The goal is to earn an exemplary rating for all critical elements including the Articulation of Response critical element.

In the final project assignment template under each subheading for the final project critical elements, the original content from the milestone assignments has been copied. The original content should not be edited unless specific feedback related to grammar, punctuation, or content was provided in the milestone feedback comments. This original copied analysis creates a baseline response to critical elements that will earn you the proficient (90%) rating you previously received in the milestone assignments (after accounting for grammar, punctuation, and content feedback).

To improve the original analysis with the goal to earn an exemplary (100%) rating, consider the following:

a) Read the milestone feedback comments as guidance on how to improve the original analysis. Milestone Feedback for Milestones 2 and 3 are attached- there was no feedback for Milestone 1.b) Review the final project rubric and note what differentiates a needs improvement, proficient and exemplary rating for each critical element.c) Add new content, analysis, and cited evidence in the NEW FINAL PROJECT CONTENT section of the template for each critical element.


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