How Pearson Company Implements Agile Technologies in its Operations

Today’s businesses continuously strive to improve their offerings by employing efficient approaches that increase productivity. Through Adams-Woodford, the company’s new vice president of products, Pearson intends to improve its services by implementing Agile, a new technology. The platform supports the company’s digital learning products and aids elementary and middle school students. Although the Agile technique would efficiently assist SuccessMaker software processes, its insufficient inclusion across all areas could negatively impact other operations if left unchecked.

Agile’s emphasis on managing brief iterations of development and communication offers it an advantage over other methodologies, such as Waterfall. Agile technology prioritizes customer happiness, which is achieved through the timely release of valuable software. The platform enables local teams, such as developers, sponsors, and quality assurance, leading to an increase in knowledge and skills. Notably, the simplicity of the processes improves work procedures and motivates teams to provide products with proven and integrated application system features. Therefore, the platform is appropriate for the business because it supports crucial processes.

Lack of inclusion is one of the most significant obstacles to implementing the Agile method. Because only the software development teams are fully incorporated, other divisions, such as quality assurance, developers, and project managers, may be excluded. Therefore, it is feasible to revert to older versions of the mini Waterfall, particularly during product testing. Agile is more costly to maintain than a web-based platform. Consequently, such a perspective is detrimental to the strategy, as the organization must provide clients with specific options, such as subscription-based systems and hosting services. Therefore, Pearson should solve Agile system restrictions in order to efficiently deliver quality services.

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