Google Inc. – A Case Study


Google has innovated its way to important commercial moves. The business entered the mobile app market and made it available to smartphone users. Additionally, the business has dabbled in the highly promising field of self-driving cars. However, rival businesses like Yahoo, Bing, and up-and-coming mobile app creators are posing competition to Google’s market edge. In addition to potential obstacles, such as rivalry from other technology companies, Google’s unique governance structure, corporate culture, and organizational procedures may help the company achieve its growth objectives.

Google’s Exceptional Governance

The unique governance structure of Google is essential to the development of the business. The best talent in the world is drawn to it because it provides a platform for creativity and invention. The business manages innovations in exemplary ways. It encourages its engineers to work on their preferred projects more frequently, whether alone or in teams. In actuality, this independence inspired the development of Gmail and Google News. As a result, the business encourages its engineers to work in groups to facilitate quicker project implementation.

Google favors projects with a high potential for reward. The main advantage in the IT sector is innovation and creativity. Due to the company’s difficulties, the management developed the 70/20/10 rule, which states that 70% of revenue should go toward the core business, 20% should go toward the extended core business, such as Gmail, and 10% should go toward innovation (Edelman and Eisenmann 7). Therefore, engineers are encouraged to be more creative under distinctive governance, and more time is given to novel initiatives.

Organizational Structure of Google

Teamwork is encouraged by Google’s organizational structure. The company’s organizational procedures inspire people to think creatively and innovatively. Employees may be encouraged to design prototypes, which are then developed and introduced to the market. The organizational structure is essential for encouraging the creation of goods that support performance and competition in the technology sector…

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