Globalization newspaper article research

Globalization newspaper article research

Your paper should be 1-2 pages in length.
Please submit your outline as a . PDF file.
Please proofread your assignment before you submit it.
You are required to cite your newspaper source. Please use the Chicago or MLA citation style.
Please refer to this link for citation rules:
Crash course video, How to Write Papers and Essays:
Quiz Directions:

1. Research a newspaper article and connect what you learn to globalization. We have covered many topics this semester, so you have a wide array of options to choose from. So far, we have covered the following topics:

Intro to Globalization
History and Globalization
Sociology and Globalization
Economics and Globalization
Politics and Globalization
Culture and Globalization
2. You will select a topic of your choosing as it relates to globalization. Examples: technology, food consumption, migration, poverty, COVID, inflation, disease epidemics, culture, wealth inequality, fashion, TV and film, housing, warfare, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. You will find an article from a reputable newspaper. Below is a list of some options:

The New York Times:
The Washington Post:
The Economist:
The Wall Street Journal:
BBC News:
The Atlantic:
3. It might not be enough to go to a website and see a news article immediately. You might have to research. Below is a quick step guide on how to research a topic.

Let’s pretend my topic is global poverty.
First, I would go to Google.
Second, I would type in search words. Get creative. Use different kinds of word combinations. Below are some examples:
example 1: type in the google search box– “global poverty globalization NPR”
example 2: type in the google search box– “poverty Latin America new york times”
example 3: type in the google search box– “poverty globalization Washington post”
Once you find an article, you will write a 1-2 page paper. Summarize the newspaper article in a well-written paper.
Describe the key points/themes/arguments. Provide specific examples from the article to back up those points.
Explain how the reading connects to more extensive sociological analyses on globalization, the economy, technology, class, race, gender, inequality, or culture.
Connect the newspaper articles to one of the readings. A strong paper uses specific examples over general explanations. It demonstrates that you can link theory to reality and see the connections between your topic and course readings.
Your paper must be well-written, have complete sentences, and be grammatically correct

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