Global Leaders’ Leadership Qualities and Personality Traits: Jeff Bezos

Traits I can Learn from Jeff Bezos for Success: A Reflection

Jeff Bezos is the founder of and a global technology entrepreneur. Bezos is also the president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Amazon Company. He is a philanthropist and strategic investor with extensive knowledge and business interests in technology, e-commerce, and space travel. Jeff Bezos is widely regarded as a global leader and one of the world’s most powerful individuals. He possesses exceptional leadership abilities that propel Amazon Company to success (Umoh, par 2). Jeff Bezos has shown patience and resilience in building a multi-billion-dollar business from a simple approach of selling used books through an online platform to becoming the world’s wealthiest person. Furthermore, he possesses significant leadership and personality traits that define his character and the manner in which he manages his daily activities. Although Jeff Bezos has received numerous awards and recognition for his exemplary service, innovation, and effective management of the Amazon Company, some of his personality traits and leadership qualities can undermine his business acumen.

Personality traits influence and explain people’s uniqueness. Traits define a person’s behavior, mannerisms, and preferences. The big five models of personality traits identify conscientiousness, agreeableness, neuroticism, openness, and extraversion as major human characteristics. It is worth noting that Jeff Bezos has a high conscientiousness score. He is detail-oriented, for example, when it comes to managing his assignments. According to Satchell et al., people who score high on the conscientiousness personality trait are persistent and goal-oriented (113). Similarly, they follow strict schedules and frequently meet predetermined objectives. As a result of his conscientiousness personality trait, Jeff Bezos is regarded as a trustworthy individual.

I want to develop the conscientiousness personality trait to reach Jeff Bezos’ level. As a result, I am persuaded by specific principles such as orderliness, persistence, and goal-directedness. To excel in the dynamic business and professional world, I want to advance the attribute of patience and adopt a structured way of life. Accordingly, I seek to promote conscientiousness by developing schedules for my work and school assignments while avoiding giving up on my weak areas. Hence, I plan to build motivation and mutual relationships in my lifestyle for success.

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