French versus Spanish negotiators

French versus Spanish negotiators

1. When comparing the negotiating styles and strategies of French versus Spanish negotiators, a number of sharp contrasts are evident. Where are three of these, and what could MNCs do to improve their position when negotiating with either group?

2. Consider you work for a U.S.-based company that is new to the international arena. You are in charge of negotiating an agreement with a potential partner in an overseas country to sell a specific product (i.e., coffee, fresh fruit, electric vehicle). After clearly identifying the overseas country on which you are basing your answer, discuss the basic steps you should be prepared to implement. What specific cultural differences will affect your negotiations? Be sure to identify and describe the order and reasoning for each step.

You may utilize any of the products listed or choose your own. You may not use France or Spain as the partner country.

Your response too each question must be at least 200 words in length.

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