Discuss the Development of Health Informatics.

The management of medical procedures and data sharing in healthcare systems has been revolutionized by information technology (IT). Health informatics is a distinct discipline built on IT and digital innovation in the healthcare sector. The beginning can be found in 1928. It started as a library for medical records under the American College of Surgeons. By creating safety and security standards for healthcare procedures across hospital departments, it advanced in the 1960s (Gibson, Dixon & Abrams, 2015). The difficulties of structuring and sharing healthcare data in a secure environment influenced the development of health informatics.

Additionally, health informatics was the first field to administer standards for laboratory information exchange, electronic health records, management systems, and security systems (Gibson, Dixon & Abrams, 2015). Health informatics was created because, even though the medical field has departments devoted to dealing with particular specialties, the lack of a coordinating division regarding developments, coordination, and sharing of a patient’s health information within a secure environment led to confidentiality breaches and data security lapses.

The field of health informatics has developed into a separate medical specialty. To deliver accurate and trustworthy health data, the information flow is coded within a secure system that uses technology as other professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, manage patients (Ratwani, Fairbanks, Hettinger & Benda, 2015). Medical informatics, for instance, creates coding and explanations that are simple enough for non-radiology experts to understand when a radiology department processes a digital data file.

The same goes for professional organizations that develop guidelines for pharmacies, hospitals, and patients, like the National Council on Prescription Drugs. Drug names and codes are created by health informatics to support information sharing among all parties. Therefore, health informatics should be incorporated into hospital departments, healthcare research organizations, medical colleges, and universities worldwide to ensure proper coding and security of medical data…

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