Course Learning Assessment 2

Course Learning Assessment 2

Please see the rubrics for grading criteria.

CLO #1 – Discuss the importance of Information Systems to society and its role in improving efficiency and effectiveness of business processes.

CLO #2 – Define ethical issues related to information technology and identify major types of controls that organizations can use to protect their information resources.

CLO #3 – Explain the processes of querying a relational database and define Big Data and explain its basic characteristics. Compare and contrast the major types of networks.

CLO #4 – Describe the Internet of Things and how organizations can use IoT. Discuss the ethical and legal issues related to electronic commerce.

CLO #5 – Identify the fundamentals of Social Computing in business. Describe Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and the processes supported by them.

CLO #6 – Define the importance of Customer Relationship Management and supply chains. Describe each phase of the business analytics process.

CLO #7 – Discuss the business decisions involved in acquiring new applications. Consider the different stages of a system development life cycle.

The amount of data we create today is absolutely mind-boggling. Dell EMC is a global company that focuses on helping organizations manage their data. Recently, the company sponsored a study to determine exactly how big the “digital universe” actually is and to envision its projected growth. There are some amazing findings in this study that point to a dramatic growth in data and an increase in virtual data centers. In the future, it will be possible to run your information systems in data centers that do not operate on your premises.

Watch the video titled The Dawn of the Digital Era and Even Bigger Data. Consider how the trends it presents relate to the challenges discussed in this section. Now, imagine that your parents/guardian(s) own their own business. It is successful, but it is also struggling under pressure to upgrade IT services for its employees and customers. How could you help them to look ahead to the future rather than keeping the status quo?

Write an e-mail to your parents/guardian(s) to explain how data and data management are likely to evolve over the next 10 years. Describe the common challenges they face and discuss how data governance can help address these issues. Also, based on the video, highlight the qualities they should look for in new employees. Finally, identify the types of training they should provide for their current employees.

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