Conflicts during change

Conflicts during change

Respond to the following in 200-word count content each.

Q1. When dealing with change, conflicts are bound to happen. Everyone thinks their opinion is the best and should be accepted. A good leader with employee conflict management skills will enable a healthy dialogue between team members and encourage constructive communication. The best tool to use in a project management setting to manage conflict is to have a collaborative setting. With collaboration, a win-win scenario can be attained, but it required the uphill task of getting all team members to reach a consensus and have trust in each other to come to a relevant conclusion. It can take a lot of effort and time to get team members to agree to the same idea.

What other tools do we have?

Q2. Communication is a key to success in business because there is no way to implement changes without proper communication and follow-up. Not all stakeholders will be on the same page for the direction of the company because they do have their own agenda, but that is why the executive team is set to work out the differences in direction.

What tools did your company use in their communication?


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