cohesive PowerPoint Presentation

cohesive PowerPoint Presentation

Assignment: You will submit one cohesive PowerPoint Presentation of what would be the Project Charter, consisting of the elements listed as A – F at the end of the case (summarized below).

The “D.U. Singer Hospital Products Corp.” case is found in the text on pp. 370-374.

The situation is a company looking to develop a new long-term antiseptic to be used in hospitals. They want to enter the market as soon as possible.

The elements of the project charter you must prepare and submit are:

Work breakdown structure
An AON network
The critical path
An activity list, early-start schedule, slack list, and master schedule
Labor requirements
Cash flow requirements
PowerPoint Tips:

Keep it simple
Limit bullet points and text
Limit animations
Use charts
Don’t use cheesy graphics
Think about the colors a little (do they clash?)
Think about the fonts a little (too many different fonts on one page?)
Using audio or video in a way that adds value would be awesome, but not required
Spend time looking at the overall flow in Slide Sorter view

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