Build Back Better Plan

Build Back Better Plan

The current Administration’s Build Back Better Plan proposes several changes that are intended to help working class Americans.


Review the Plan and address the questions below. Your responses need to be supported by relevant well-researched facts.

1. What are the major changes proposed in the Plan?

2. What is the projected impact on our GDP?

3. How will the changes benefit you personally?

4. If you feel that it will not benefit you personally, please state that in your response

and explain why.

5. Who benefits from the changes in the Plan?

6. Does it favor one group over another?

One possible resource – please use more:

The White House Statements and Releases (October 28th, 2021). President Biden

announces the build-back better framework.


• 7 pages minimum excluding the Title and Reference pages.

• Submit a Word document in APA format.

• At least three resources and all relevant facts are properly cited in APA format.

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