A Teacher’s Guide to Effectively Communicating with Immigrant Parents

Communicating with Immigrant Parents

I met a parent who did not comprehend English while working as a second-grade teacher. I wished to inform her that her child’s English proficiency unit performance was deteriorating, and he or she was on the verge of failing. Because we did not speak one other’s language, I encountered significant communication hurdles. I contacted a bilingual interpreter to circumvent this difficulty. If a comparable circumstance were to occur today, I would employ the same method but with a greater understanding of my parents’ cultural origins. The success of my students depends on my ability to interact successfully with their parents and discuss their development based on my knowledge of their cultures. If a colleague had such a dilemma, I would tell him or her to listen attentively to comprehend the parent and to communicate effectively by avoiding ambiguity while presenting linguistic principles.

Effective Communication for Home-Learners

Teachers should collaborate with new Korean parents to support their children’s educational development. To discuss kids’ progress, they should employ various communication methods, such as phone calls, conferences, family visits, open homes, and curriculum nights. Educators should also provide students with a variety of learning activities to complete at home, such as watching English-teaching television programs, keeping an English journal, playing video games that promote English language development, hosting friends for discussions, learning virtually through online classes, and reading English texts. In addition, the teacher should suggest that Korean parents employ a tutor to assist their children at home. Since all pupils will take the same English examination, their parents should hire a tutor to help their children learn at the same rate as their peers…

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