1.Discuss your favorite article from presentations (not your own). What

1.Discuss your favorite article from presentations (not your own).  What did you learn and how can you apply it to your own potential business or career?
2.Jagr-meister is changing its brand image from frat boys to drink connoisseurs.  After reading the article, choose an alcohol brand of your taste and create a new image for them.
3.These 2 pranksters convinced people that McDonald’s was quality organic food.  Describe at least 3 reasons why presentation can be such an important part of food marketing.
4.After watching this Amanda Palmer video, how would you advise an up-and-coming music artist on crowdfunding.  What sort of incentives could you offer in order to build engagement and excitement?

Answer 1.

Art and science have co-existed and has enlightened human beings from time immemorial. In history Renaissance period is one of the grounds breaking time for humanity where the culmination of both these subjects meet. The result of this period’s art and science are exemplary inventions, ideation, analysis, understanding and many more. Marketing is the process by which an aspect is portrayed and showcased along with feedbacks. In order to showcase the aspect the concept of Marketing as Art is developed, this aspect deals with the understanding human behavior and creating, innovating, appreciating, and inducing change on the basis of the behavioral pattern. On the other hand, marketing deals with facts, figures, rational induction and deduction of information, measurement and analysis of data. Furthermore, it deals with psychology which is basically the science of behaviors.

Marketing is the process by which organizations create demand in the minds of the consumers and this is done with careful analysis of data and information. Market research and several other promotional tools are a part of the marketing process of a company. Feedbacks from the customers are also essential to balance the requirement of the customers with the products and services offered by the company. This aspect of marketing deals with facts and figures which makes the process scientific.

The idea of a perfect marketing plan is a combination of the two aspects of study. Designing a marketing plan requires creativity and aesthetic sense, on the other hand, understanding the reach and effectiveness of that strategy requires facts and figures making it science. Hence, the two aspects work together to make the process full proof.

Answer 2:

Miller brewing company has been in the business for a long time the company has a long line of products and each of these is a brand in itself Miller Lite was introduced in 1975 and has been placed as a youthful brand. The need for change is the monotonous way the brand has been positioned in the minds of the people. The idea of the re-branding will be to change the image of the brand form being reckless and moody to being chic and fashionable. The brand will be portrayed as fashionable as it will be seen as a beer brand that is the favorite among the fashionable crowd and the fashionable parties. For example, the setting of a broadcast advertisement can be a fashion show after party. The target market of the revised brand image is people for people in between the age group 21-45, the behavioral pattern of the people is to consume alcohol in a restricted yet responsible manner, the psychographic aspect of the people is to chill and party with a closed group of people. The idea behind the rebranding is to “invest in a happy high”. The focus of the promotion will be implemented using the digital medium as this is the space mostly used by the revised demographic.

Answer 3.

The first reason is that presentation is the key to the communication process if it includes the visual aspect. Usually based on the way a certain thing is portrayed it perceived in that image in the minds of the people. This aspect is also associated with the background and behavior of the people. In the culinary field it is a common phrase to first make a dish “presentable” there is a lot of attention paid to the way a dish is presented to the customers in fancy restaurants. There are many aspects that are unrelated to the dish also added to make the look aesthetically pleasing and rich. There are desserts presented with gold leaf, there are caviar presented in fancy box etc.

The second reason is that the presentation makes it aesthetically pleasing and awakens the senses of the person to whom the dish is being served. This is the psychological aspect that is associated with food which not only caters to hunger but also serves most of the senses. If something non-edible presented beautifully and smells like food people will be easily fooled to think it as an actual edible item.

The third reason is that presentation makes helps the marketers make the consumer perceive certain aspects about the food. This is owing to our preconceived notion about few aspects associated with some of the factors of food. For example a chocolate lava cake will look tempting if there is a gooey molten chocolate inside the cake, on the other hand if the gooey chocolate id just placed in a plate hardly anyone would take risk to eat it.

Answer 4.

Crowd funding is technically a way of mass communication on a very basic level, the medium of communication is speech with audio visual aspects face to face. For an artist one of the most important aspects is recognition and appreciation. To build engagement it is a good idea to follow the basic principles of marketing management. Know the target audience, or people who might be interested in the kind of music that the musician has to offer based on that the location of crowd funding can be chosen. Location is the key to attract people, if people around the place are not interested in the music then surely the plan will fail. Another important aspect that will help create engagement is the interaction of the musician with the audience. It is important to engage the audience at the time of performance in order to do that an ambience should be created or opted, for example will the performance be taking place at night or during the day time will impact the performance and the audience’s interest level as well.

The purpose of the event should be always kept in mind and the artist also should also be clear what he or she wants out of the money that is going to be raised. During the performance the cause should be communicated to the public. It is a good idea to create posters regarding the cause as it is going to help people who will join in between the program will also know the reason for the funding.

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