Workplace Leadership and its Impact on Employee Motivation

Employees are inspired and motivated to perform at their best by leadership in the workplace. Llopis (2012) starts by posing provocative questions about the factors that affect employee motivation. He exhorts managers to balance motivational initiatives across all functional areas. The author also exhorts managers to recognize workers’ motivations by getting to know them personally rather than just gauging their motivation levels. Therefore, managers can inspire their teams to accomplish group goals once they are aware of the different motivation styles present on the team. When managers establish appropriate relationships with their staff, good outcomes are possible. Llopis suggests that managers use a list of nine factors that inspire workers. Llopis lists nine crucial factors that can inspire employees to accomplish organizational goals and the various methods that can inspire them.

The best leaders will inspire their teams to produce positive outcomes from their efforts if they have read and understood the lessons. To win over the trust of the workforce, one of the lessons is to develop trustworthy leadership. The manager is urged to be open with the workforce to win their cooperation in achieving organizational goals. The second lesson is the importance of staying current by praising employees’ efforts. Leaders must engage with and comprehend their groups to develop talent and skills in their teams. The leader should inspire subordinates to go above and beyond what the company requires of them.

Additionally, managers should offer career advancement opportunities as a source of inspiration to produce better outcomes. In order to avoid regrets and feelings of guilt, Llopis (2012) challenges leaders to inspire their staff to achieve the highest level possible in their careers. Another motivator in organizations is the assurance of a secure future. To prevent self-indulgence, which can lead to both short-term pleasures and long-term issues, the leader should be aware of the sources of motivation in the workforce. The author also suggests that managers work hard to create a positive work environment because happiness is the best motivator, and they should inspire their staff to work hard to make a lasting impression…

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