Women are not Sex Objects to be Paraded on Social Media: My Gender Wo/ManiFesto

Women shouldn’t be viewed and treated as sex objects on social media, in my opinion. The topic of women being sexually objectified has been argued for a very long time. Feminists have examined the numerous ways in which women are objectified. For instance, their alleged desire for cosmetic surgery, breast enlargement, pornographic material, beauty pageants, or ads. Realizing that sexual objectification of women is still prevalent despite the huge advancements that activists for women’s rights have made in the struggle for women’s rights and dignity is fairly upsetting. This trend has intensified with the development of the internet and social media.

In my opinion, the sexual objectification of women contributes significantly to the advancement of gender inequity. This is because it reduces women to the status of sexual objects in society, disregarding their inherent personal and intellectual capacities. Because of this, women and girls in society develop negative self-images that lead them to believe that society does not value their competence and that they are intellectually inferior. Women who experience these emotions may develop despair and a sense of helplessness.

Twitter, Facebook, and other online social networks are currently rife with sexual harassment and bullying. In actuality, rather than being accepted as human beings, women who do not fulfill the standard of beauty held by society receive unfavorable remarks on their physical characteristics, weight, and other aspects that objectify them. Women who comment on social media sites and get sexism-based abuse frequently encounter Twitter trolls.

Notably, websites have been created where males can upload pornographic images or videos of women who have dumped them as a form of retaliation. Celebrity women have also been targeted in these attacks. Recently, hackers gained access to the accounts of famous women, posting their naked images online for all to see. Reducing women to nothing more than sex objects humiliates and degrades them.

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