What Relationship Exists Between Long-Term Financial Planning and Christian Values?

From a corporate perspective, long-term financial planning is advocated more than a spiritual perspective. It is important to note that religious activities place a higher value on social relationships than financial and economic achievement. Luke 14:28-30, New American Version, states, “Because which among you, when he wants to build a tower, does not first sit down and analyze the cost to decide whether he has sufficient funds to build it? Otherwise, when someone begins to construct but cannot complete it, everyone who sees him will scorn him, saying, “This man started to build but couldn’t finish.” The biblical passage demonstrates the significance and objectives of long-term financial planning as a road map for achieving future growth objectives. Although the majority of Christian teachings emphasize social relationships and spirituality, the Bible provides extensive strategies and advice on financial planning as a model for living decently and enhancing Christians’ social interactions.

To guarantee a higher level of life, all Christians are encouraged to plan financially for the future. The ability to delay now pleasures in favor of a brighter future displays a commitment to long-term financial planning. Taking current efforts to boost future economic activity, according to Bernstein (2017), can provide a sound intellectual foundation when compared to a conventional financial approach. Most believers have been misled by biblical verses such as Matthew 6:34, which states, “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Every day presents its unique set of challenges.” These points could be interpreted as a caution against financial planning. However, Spear (2003) explains that all Christians should engage in long-term financial planning since it raises their duties for caring for their lives and those of their families. Therefore, Christians must schedule long-term financial planning and be prepared for any circumstance to achieve enhanced livelihoods and a higher quality of life.

Also demonstrated are a parental concern and accountability…

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