What is the Difference Between Liberty and Patriotism?

Liberty, as a philosophical concept, denotes the development of free will, though it is contrasted with the element of free will. Politically, liberty refers to a sovereign nation’s population’s constitutionally guaranteed political and social liberties (Foner 7). The freedom philosophy arose from historical accounts of Greek slaves’ longing for liberation. As a result, the concept of liberty advocates allowing everyone the freedom to live their lives as they see fit. The Declaration of Independence of the United States supported the principle of liberty, emphasizing extending equal rights to slaves. Critics of the Declaration of Independence, on the other hand, argue that despite the declaration’s emphasis on equal rights for all people and the abolition of slavery, some whites continued to regard blacks as their “property” even after the declaration.

Patriotism is defined as an individual’s emotional attachment to the state and regard for the country as one’s home (Engdahl 13). Patriotism also includes national pride and loyalty to one’s country (Engdahl 13). In reality, the original definition of patriotism was “countryman,” as coined by English-speaking countries. However, the philosophical component of patriotism ignored religious teachings, creating a perceived conflict between the two. Religious individuals may be devoted to a separate authority, highlighting the conflict between the two, in contrast to the political allegiance implied by state patriotism.

It is possible to identify fundamental differences in the American system by comparing aspects of liberty and patriotism. First, every American values patriotism and national heritage as patriotic components; similarly, all people are equal and should be treated as such, as stated in the Declaration of Independence (Foner 7). Thus, if the creation of the constitution as early as the declaration of independence was followed to the letter, prejudice, and discrimination against gender, race, or even sexual orientation could have been eliminated. However, the reality is that such evils are equally prevalent throughout the country…

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