What is a Professional Development Plan?

Career planning is an important process that everyone should implement. More often than not, however, workers may fail to prepare because they believe management is responsible for their professional outcomes. Unfortunately, the days of companies carefully planning their employees’ upward mobility are long gone (Buhler, 2019). Individuals should therefore plan and implement strategies to advance their careers and capitalize on opportunities inside and outside the workplace. Mike Scott is an example of someone who fails to plan and takes advantage of available opportunities to advance his career. Although Scott could have sought and received advice from his immediate supervisor, he did not do so because he felt inferior and had a poor professional relationship with his superior. However, he still has a chance to advance in his career.

His immediate supervisor would have guided Scott, but both professionals did not interact appropriately. Because of the nature of their relationship, he was hesitant to seek advice. Positive communication is essential to mentorship relationships (Rajendra, 2014). Scott lacked a career plan despite taking an accounting course. Furthermore, he felt inferior because he only had a high school diploma. As a result, those limitations influenced his interactions with the supervisor, who could have helped him advance in his career. It is impossible to receive career advice from a superior who is unapproachable, aloof, rude, detached, and distant. On the other hand, Scott can prepare for career advancement with the assistance of his current supervisor and other company managers.

Scott should have a clear career plan and work hard to achieve his goals. To deal with his limitations, he should work under a leader with strong communication and networking skills and emotional intelligence (Rajendra, 2014). Scott requires assistance from his organizational superiors to develop the necessary skills and abilities to advance his career. Furthermore, he should understand that professional development is his responsibility. Career…

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